About us

Carey - because we care(y).

The Company has highly experienced staff, providing services to first-class customer’s who require independence and freedom to choose from all of the opportunities available.

Committed only to our clients, we always choose the best available options without incurring any risk of potential conflicts of interest. As we do not provide legal, tax or investment management services we only seek to work in close conjunction with our customers advisors.

Thus, our customers obtain the best services available: professional and trusted advice from their own legal, tax and investment management teams and professional fiduciary and financial services from Carey Zurich. In case our customers do not yet have access to specialized advisers, we can provide a broad network of recommended partners.

We strive for a long-term commitment and contribute to real value creation for our customers. This is done through proactive communication, honesty and experience in the work we carry out and are undertaking regular consultancy, strategic reviews and planning to each engagement to become your trusted partner. Our customers can count on Swiss quality, high ethical standards, efficiency and trust – because we care(y).

As holder of a professional trustee license the company is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.