About us

Carey  – your trusted partner in incorporating, administering and managing functional structures, and professional provider of Fund and Financial Reporting Services. Our clients can count on Swiss quality and standards, efficiency and trust.

The Company, established in 2003, has highly experienced staff, providing services to a high-class customer base who require independence and freedom to select from all of the opportunities available in the market. Committed only to our clients, we always choose the best available options without incurring any risk of potential conflicts of interest.

As we do not provide legal and tax services we work in close conjunction with our clients’ legal and tax advisors. In this win-win situation the client gets the best services available: professional and trusted advice from their own team and professional financial services from us. If our clients do not yet have access to specialised legal and/or tax advisers we can provide a broad network of recommended firms.

We are a member of the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) for anti-money laundering purposes in Switzerland.

About our goals

We know that FIDUCIARY & FINANCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION can be a challenge to cope with and is normally only a small fraction of our clients’ tasks – but at CAREY ZURICH we live and breathe the world of Supporting StructuresCreated for You & Serviced by Us.

CAREY ZURICH is aiming to bring simplicity and transparency to a complex marketplace. Our team is highly focused on continuously delivering the best service with regards to tailor-made Structures, Fund Management and Accountancy.

At CAREY ZURICH we DO care about our clients and we establish very close relationships with them. We see ourselves as your trusted sparring partner, which is why we put a lot of effort into forming close relations with each and every one of our Clients.

CAREY ZURICH is different from many other fiduciary & financial service providers in the industry due to the way we do business. We do not want to be the biggest, but we do want to have the best reputation in the industry. To reach that goal, we strive to deliver fast and flexible solutions, top-class services and results to our clients every day.


To bring simplicity and transparency to a complex marketplace.


To be YOUR Service Department – we want to create long term relationships and contribute to real value creation for our clients. This is done through honesty, experience, consultancy, strategic reviews, planning, creating results so as to be your trusted service partner.


To have the best reputation in our industry.


To deliver the best possible service, which creates the best possible results for our clients at a reasonable cost.

CAREY  –  because we care.


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