Author: Beat H. Haering

Structures – What´s behind?

The word “Structure” can be used in different ways across different industries and can often have a different meaning. A structure in architecture is not the same as a structure in painting nor is a structure in writing the same as in economics.

From the perspective of our business a “Structure” is designed to organise and handle special purposes for individuals and corporations. In most cases a legal entity with a special purpose, in combination with selected services and control mechanisms, is at the centre of such a structure.

These Structures have to be established and run in order to meet the requirement expected by the owner and to fulfil legal obligations. Establishing and managing these structures and providing the services and control around them is the core business of Carey Zurich.

What are Structures for?

Our structures are set-up for Corporations, Private Individuals and Family Offices and can be used for various purposes.

Corporate Structures are normally for certain business cases or special purposes like company transactions, intellectual property or escrow transactions. Carey sets up the relevant companies and provides all services to ensure correct handling (e.g. administration, legal affairs, director services, registered offices etc.)

In the segment of Private Structures, Carey establishes and runs (private) foundations, trusts, holding companies and other legal entities for private assets. Carey allocates the registered offices, board members, trustees and protectors and provides the whole range of necessary management and administration services.

Family Office Structures contain a wide range of services from the administration of family office affairs over real estate administration to immigration, relocation support and succession planning.

What are the benefits from Structures?

Along with the underlying objectives, structures can provide multiple additional benefits to the owners. In general, the benefits can be categorised as financial, legal or personal. For example:

Financial benefits are mainly cost or tax savings by using internationally established procedures and attractive double tax treaties between various jurisdictions, for example domicile/resident distinctions or Intellectual Property (IP) boxes.

An example of a legal benefit could be using legal protection afforded by certain jurisdictions with stable political environments and resilient legal frameworks for company transactions. Furthermore, the use of existing legal shelters for protecting property or ensuring favoured succession plan are legal benefits from certain structures.

Personal benefits range from privacy and asset protection to a broad variety to family office services.

How can Structures help you in achieving your goals?

Incorporating, administering and managing tailor-made structures for the needs of an international client base is the core business of Carey Zurich.

Developed by specialised legal and/or tax advisors there is a broad variety of international structures to meet almost every goal – therefore solving almost every individual problem.

If you want to learn more about the Structures and services Carey Zurich provides for their worldwide customers please do not hesitate to contact us. On request we will be pleased to send you our brochure “Structures – Focused Support and Professional Services”.

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